IOAudit vs Cryptolocker

Ransomware or Cryptolocker has been one of the most profitable tools for hackers lately. I am sure you have come accross someone who had to pay the ransom to get back their important files. IOAudit is a tool that prevents ransomware from encrypting your documents. The idea is very simple yet effective: IOAudit is a file system filter driver. It works at the kernel level and filters out malicious activities.

Let’s go watch the video and go through the scenarios together and see how IOAudit works.

In the next version, there will also be a user notification pop-up which will notify user whenever a malicious access is being blocked.

So far we have tested it with Windows 8 PC and it works perfectly fine without any issues or lag.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for the next update.

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Hasan EKSI

An enthusiastic IT Security Professional with over six years of experience and expertise in Information Security and general IT.


  • Hi there, if this is a tool to prevent this virus attack, where do I can downloaded or buy it from .My Network was compromise last Friday over 50 account by this locky virus a crypto locker variant which infect all my users folder redirection share, But I need a tool protect the users pc .
    I will appreciate any inf many Tnaks.

    • Hi İsrael,

      As we are in the final development phase. We do not have an installer yet. However, we will be launching one very soon. So please stay tuned. I’ll let you know as soon as we publish it to public.
      In terms of prevention, yes IOAudit does prevent against cryptolocker and its varients. Let me know if I can be of any help.

  • Your product looks really interesting. When do you think it will be released into production and available for purchase? Will IOAudit work with Windows 7?

    Thank you

  • is IOAudit more applicable to be on a file server as well as the desktops? What are the resource requirements – many of my systems are for Architectural and Engineering needs.

    Most importantly, how can I be alerted when this solution is ready to download and deploy?

  • Hocam merhabalar
    Sitenizi gördüm
    Bilgisayarımdaki tüm dosyalar .locky uzantılı oldu.
    Bir Türk’ün bununla ilgili çalışmalarını görmek gurur verici.
    Sizinle gurur duyuyorum.

    Neler yapabilirim.
    Bu dosyalarımı nasıl eski haline getirebilirim?

    Çok teşekkür ederim Hocam eksik olmayınız.

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